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HELEN PAUL THEATRE & FILM ACADEMY offers training on Acting, Art of Comedy, Basic Presentation Skills, Audio Production –Studio Recording and Live Sound Reinforcement, Children Theatre, Cinematography, Costume and Sewing, Dance, Directing, Graphics and Editing, Make-up, Photography, Script Writing, Theatre, Film and Artist Management, Film and Television Production to Nigerian youths and any persons aiming to acquire professional training in the above listed courses.
The academy is well equipped with modern learning and practical gadgets that will make skill acquisition and learning an easy task for students. Some of the facilities, which meet the demand of the courses offered, include rehearsal grounds, classrooms, editing studio, sound studio, make-up studio, e-library and costumes studio among others.
Helen Paul Theatre & Film Academy is established to create opportunities for youths who find it difficult getting admission into Universities and Polytechnics and consequently reduce the rate of unemployment. Adults who crave professional trainings in our listed programmes will also be admitted.
Helen Paul Theatre & Film Academy has a plan to help build a better society devoid of charlatans. Our classes are going to be more practical, that is why we invested heavily on the studios and other equipment that will make our students one of the best. We also have affiliations that will make it easier for our students to get jobs after they finish from the school.
Helen Paul Theatre & Film Academy is a multi-media professional school that deals with every aspect of theatre and film with the aim of giving adequate training while creating conducive environment for learning. It aims at employing opportunity for Nigerians with seasoned field professionals.